Our CEOs

Herschell & Iris Augustus

“Our beginnings were humble… We used to call our clients and phone for business from a phone booth. Today we have a successful business through the goodness of God alone. He has prospered us” – Iris Augustus

Without the support from our customers our success wouldn’t have been possible. We want to thank staff, both past and present, for the huge role they have played in the business. We thank God for the progress at Commercial over the years. It is only through Him that all this is made possible.” – Herschell Augustus

Managing Director

Marc Augustus and his wife Carmen

Director Marc Augustus and his wife Carmen

Director’s Note
“The primary focus of our business is Customer Care and Service Excellence. It is, therefore, most important that our customers receive top priority. In order to meet deadlines and produce quality workmanship, we have carefully employed the right people and designed a technological solution to drive the organization with ease into the future! This level of commitment ensures that every customer walks away happy time and again.”
– Marc Augustus,
Managing Director

Management and Admistration



With our main focus on retaining a high level of customer satisfaction, skilled personnel are employed at Commercial Panel Beaters to ensure that all processes within the organisation are executed accurately and efficiently.


Our workflow is designed to satisfy all OEM requirements outlined in the various Service Level Agreements we have with manufacturers. A performance-driven operational process, carefully monitored by customized software, helps the workshop managers by ensuring that all vehicles are repaired within the estimated repair time. Qualified journeymen and apprentices provide on-the-hour feedback to workshop managers regarding the progress of each vehicle. Customers are contacted frequently with updates as we believe that an informed customer is a happy customer.

The Stores department monitors the receiving of parts and additional spares and strives to minimize the return on parts by way of an automated pro-active strategy that has been implemented, holding all involved personnel responsible, including suppliers and transporting companies.